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High Speed Internet

High Speed Internet

TIMELESS internet sketch map

Network Operation Department of Timeless Network Services Ltd providesthe user with BBA with multi-circuit including optical-type, microwave type andsatellite type.The company adoptshigh-capacity and high reliability routes and switching equipment to form abackbone network platform covering many cities in the whole Nigeria and providethe users with high-quality internet access service and a variety of value-addedservices. Our company has a team of professional engineers for pre-sales andafter sale, who can provides the users with comprehensive communicationsolution design, concrete implementation of network construction, and alsooperation support, long-distance and on-site technical support and maintenanceservice. At the same time, Timeless has a mature and professional operationaland maintenance team that we can provide the users with 5*8 or 7*24 on-sitesupport and remote support, the professional operation and services provided byus can give the users the powerful communication warranty and technical supportand enable the extensive enterprises to focus on their own main businesses andbring greater economy benefit.

Fiberoptic Broadband

TIMELESSfiber is the most ideal type among many types of transmission medias in WideBand, which features high transmission capacity, good transmission quality, lowconsumption, long relay distance etc.. We can provide fiver BBA according tothe requirements of the users with the access capability from 2Mbps to 200Mbpsand the users can choose the Wide Band according their own scale and budgetflexibility.

Microwave Broadband

Microwave broadband is likewireless fiber broadband, which receives wide band through wireless equipmentto realize fast fiber networking.

Characteristicsof microwave broadband:

1. Long transmissiondistance. Difference devices can be conveniently interconnected with 1~50Km ofnetwork;

2. Short construction period. After the antenna stand is prepared,almost 1 day is required to install 1 set of  point-to- point link; theconstruction is also fast that big amount of time and money can be saved;

3.Economical and maintenance-friendly;

4.Easy to expand new points and dilatate;

5.Powerful in anti-interference, stable and reliable;

Satellite Broadband

Network need of users in remote area can be realized throughhigh-stability and high-speed BBA provided by us with satellite. Meanwhile, thesatellite broadband can also be used as backup network in large-scaleenterprises after implementation of fiber or microwave broadband due to its lowdependency on local capital construction and good stability to ensure theconstant and smooth external contact of the company.

Main equipmentof Satellite broadband