Founded in 2009

Timeless is a team of people with years of experience and technical expertise in Africa focusing on the communications and Internet sector. Timeless is now a leading communications operator in Nigeria with network coverage in major cities across Nigeria and Timeless connectivity capability tailored to customer needs.

Based on the construction of stable and high-quality network, the company provides end-to-end information technology solutions for customers with its business involving home and enterprise broadband access services, satellite broadband operation services, IPTV, voice SMS services, system integration, etc. Around the trend of digitization, the future will continue to develop the cloud computing field of products and services such as edge cloud, cloud acceleration, cloud storage, smart home, smart park and other more comprehensive business application scenarios, to fully meet the information service construction needs of the vast number of users.

Business Advantage

The Network has covered major cities in Nigeria, with all Nigeria communication capacity delivery base for 2B and 2C customers, covering the following business scenarios:

  • Enterprise Internet Service;
  • Fiber to Home for Residential Clients;
  • Satellite broadband Service;
  • IPTV/CCTV Service.
  • Voice and SMS services
  • System integration solution: Edge Cloud, Smart Home, Smart Security, Smart Building will be further expanded in the future.

Resource Advantage

We have central data centers in two major cities Abuja & Lagos, and data centers in key node cities such as Kano, Port Harcourt, Benin City, and Kaduba, providing dedicated internet access to hundreds of business users in Nigerian. Recently, we have been investing in construction and expansion of a fiber optic home network for Residential, SME and Enterprises.

  • Coverage: 6+ States
  • Numbers of base stations: 220+
  • AS number: yes
  • ISP licensed in Nigerian: yes

Technical Advantage

  • Network access: FTTH + Microwave Radio + Satellite + 4G LTE Wireless Network
  • Self-Service Platform
  • Devices and Technology: We make full use of the Technology and Devices from China Telegram communication companies and providers and build the most competitive and cost-effective infrastructure network.

Service Advantage

Customer First: We provide stability, high-quality service and ultimate service experience continuously.

  • Customer Service: 24*7
  • Competitive SLA commitment
Our Mission

Technological innovation and service experience improve efficiency and quality of life

Our Vision

Customer first, result oriented, open-minded, pursuit of excellence

Why Huawei

With its extensive background in technology, experience in ICT infrastructure, and a wide array of smart devices, Huawei stands as a top global provider in the field. As part of its business expansion, Huawei has successfully expanded from Nigeria to Ghana, Kenya, and other countries in Africa. In recognition of its capabilities, Timeless has been awarded a license by the Nigerian Communications Commission to facilitate and promote Internet services across Nigeria. Over the years, Timeless Telecom LTD has been deploying high speed internet access to estates, offices, multi-tenant building using next generation technology

We deploy unlimited internet to residential and business customers, which allow customers to get the full benefit of the internet with no data or time caps. We also offer VOIP and Video on Demand services. We design & build, pro-actively monitor, support and maintain clients' entire infrastructure, internet connectivity, wide area network and security systems; we supply, support and maintain firewalls, network switches, servers, and desktops. All of this under one managed service contract with one single supplier, something they can’t get from any other Internet Service Provider or Managed Service Provider in Nigeria.