Timeless brings together proven experience, technology innovation, and access to hundreds of technology providers of all types in one single partner to support all your networking needs, from planning and deployment to operations. Let Timeless help with technology so you can focus on running your business or agency. For all areas in Nigeria, we are capable of providing you Enterprise Dedicated Network service via Fibre, Radio and Satellite everywhere. In Ghana and Kenya, we will start our Internet Service in July 2023.

Reliable and Dedicated Internet Service

Timeless Provides Flexible and Expandable Dedicated Network Service with Committed Connectivity and Reliability. With symmetrical dedicated bandwidth, your business can upload and download at the same rate. When looking for a business ISP, consider the type of connection, availability, speed and bandwidth, security requirements, reliability etc.



Access the best IPTV server with a wide range of channels and movies at your fingertips. In the ever-evolving world of digital entertainment, IPTV (Internet Protocol television) has gained significant popularity as an alternative to traditional broadcasting methods.


Managed WIFI

Managed WiFi systems typically offer you the visibility to manage access points and gateways like your router, Setup & manage WIFI zones with different access rights.



Timeless managed VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) systems which are scalable, reliable, mobile, affordable, and can be tailored to fit your business. Typically, it is widely used in Customer Call Center, each room of Hotels, Calls between different branches in same company, etc.

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Dedicated IP

A dedicated IP address is one that only you and your company can use through a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Timeless provides personalized services which allow our customers to have full end to end control of their information online.


SDWAN Solutions

We provide full professional services and SD-WAN SOLUTIONS tailored to suit your application requirements and business needs.


Security Integration

  • Security camera Integration( Home & Industry Camera, Security Display Monitors, CCTV)
  • Access Control Solution: for safer society, smarter living, access control in banks, shopping mall, school, airport, office, prison, industry park, etc

Smart Building Solution

Smart infrastructure engages technology to maximize resource efficiency while providing a convenient and secure environment for its users. By leveraging high speed network infrastructure, Monitoring Camera , CCTV, IPTV, IP Phones, Security System, Access Control,etc, it becomes an innovative building that uses integrated smart technologies to monitor and optimize building automation control to align with the needs of the users.


Managed IT Solutions Service

At Timeless Telecom Ltd, we offer a comprehensive range of Managed Service Offerings to manage our client’s IT and network functions, as well as integrated security systems. Our managed IT service agreements transfer the responsibility for maintaining IT from the customer to our team of experts, who work tirelessly to enhance efficiency and optimize the cost of network operations. Our services are designed to help organizations lower their IT costs with a more efficient network, without the need to hire an outside IT company. By partnering with us, you can take advantage of our years of experience and expertise in the field of IT services. Our team of experts can manage your entire IT infrastructure, from network infrastructure, security, etc.


Public WiFi Public

Wi-Fi networks, or hotspots, in coffee shops, malls, airports, hotels, and other places are convenient. With public WiFi, visitors can get seamless connectivity and operators have an opportunity to further connect with users. Hotel WiFi, Cafe Wifi, Restaurant Wifi & Hospitality Wifi Internet solution helps you improve your WiFi and guest satisfaction.

  • WiFi for Schools, Colleges, and Universities Wireless networks in schools, colleges, and universities are transforming education. We offer WIFI for schools with security services to help keep students, staff, and faculty safe while using the internet.
  • WiFi for Shopping Centres Providing reliable WiFi access for shoppers that can enhance the retail experience and encourage visitors. This can attract more shoppers who are looking for the latest trends and products.
  • Wifi for hotels: Hotel WiFi solution needs to be great ‒ as your guests expect it. A fast and reliable WiFi network with uninterrupted wireless coverage over the entire facility is just a starting point to satisfy guests. The availability of complimentary high speed internet can make or break the relationship you enjoy with many of your guests. WiFi is extremely important to business travelers, guests, visitors, conference attendants and staff

Quality Service

  • Uptime guarantee Of Up To 99.9%
  • Service-Level Agreement for Enterprise Client (Downtime is between 2-5 hours, half day fee refunds; If downtime is above 5 hours, one day refunds)
  • Dedicated What’s App service group for each Enterprise Client to reach customer service efficiently and privately.
  • 24*7 Customer Support. Conclusion Whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation, we have enterprise solutions that can meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our enterprise solutions and how we can help your business stay connected and productive.