Case Study

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Case Study

Hotel industry

More and more hotelsare running into troubles when deploying and operating wireless networks:

Signal loses dramaticallywhen transmitting through walls, interference is common, wiring is complicated,superb customer experience can hardly be expected.
Access is much intensive in conference roomand dining room, full stable access cannot be guaranteed.

Access authentication mechanism and security management is poor, posingsecurity threats to both hotel and customers.

Hotel booking, dinnerordering and sales promotion capability is poor, added commercial value can notbe created for hotel.

When checking in at hotels, customers tend tofirstly ask about the wifi account and password in order to have a timelyaccess to the network for working and entertainment requirements. Increasingnumber of hotels are eager to build a fast, secure and value-added wirelessnetwork to provide good customer experience as well as business such aswireless PAD dinner ordering and hotel room booking app promotion which canincrease hotel profits.

Features of TIMELESSproducts

(i)Product appearance design is friendly, whichblends into hotel deployment environment

   Product design blendsharmoniously into hotel deployment environment, repeated wiring and investmentis avoided.

(ii) Full signal coverage inrooms and the hall, ensured experience leveraging intelligentRF optimization and load balancing technology

    There are always some blind zone for hotelwireless signal coverage or signal loss after transmitting through the wall,these can lead to bad network experience or even frequent disconnections. XinQui’s wireless system have passed engineering test , it’s combined with intelligentRF optimization, load balancing and anti-phishingtechnology, ensuring a stable and securedexperience when working and surfing the Internet in the hotel.

The product supports dualband access, dual band intelligent load balancing, load balancing among APs andbalanced amount of user accessing.

Theproduct automatically detects interference and fault, automatically adjustspower and channel, ensuring full signal coverage in the hotel.

(iii) HOTSPOTaccess authentication

Unlimited broadband isextremely expensive in Africa, leakage of hotel wifi password will causebandwidth lost since it may be used by nearby people, therefore we provideHOTSPOT access authentication solution, customers shall have a password inorder to connect to the wireless router (AP), after connection, a page willprompt automatically inquiring the account and password the hotel has offered,for example, when customer’s cellphone find the wifi of the hotel name, afterentering the provided unified password, a webpage will prompt asking about theroom number and password, only with this password can network access begranted, this can ensure network security and prevent unauthorized usage.